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Pressure switch FF 4

Mã sản phẩm: FF 4-4 DAH
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Tival Sensors

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Applications: Air compressors, water pumps, booster pumps, firefighting equipment, oil supply equipment .
Description: TIVAL pressure switches of the FF 4 series are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be utilized for:
- Monitoring and controlling the pressure of liquid or gaseous media in pipelines, tanks, vats, pressure vessels and apparatus. 
-  Applications in process control, cooling, pneumatics and hydraulics. - Pressure monitoring of cooling circuits and lubrication systems on various types of machinery.
- Automatic switching of pump and compressor motors for supplying water to dwellings, booster pumps, firefighting equipment and on compressed air systems.

Mode of operation
The pressure of the monitored medium operates against a flat diaphragm,
or plunger (depending on pressure range). A system of levers and
springs work on a snapaction cascade switch of high vibration resistance,
ensuring flutterfree switching. With no pressure on the diaphragm contact 1-2
is closed. This can be used as an „ON“ signal for a pump or compressor motor.
If pressure exceeds the upper switchingpoint, contact 1-2 opens and contact
1-4 closes. The connected motor will be switched off. Contact 1-4 is often
used to indicate the „off“ condition.
Contact 1-2 will close again, when the pressure on the diaphragm has
below the set lower switchpoint. Upper and lower switch points can
be adjusted independently of each other using a screwdriver. The two switch
points are indicated on the scale inside the unit.
Change-over contact with manual reset min.:
If the pressure drops below the set value, contact 1-4 opens and contact
1-2 closes and locks. When the pressure has risen above the set value, the
can be unlocked with the manual reset button.
Change-over contact with manual reset max.:
If the pressure rises above the set value, contact 1-2 opens and contact 1-4
closes and locks. When the pressure has dropped below the set value, the
contact can be unlocked with the manual reset button.
Pressure connection, pressure sensing element, switch mechanism and
terminals are fitted on a die-cast aluminum-alloy base. The scale
and switch are protected against environmental effects by an impact-resistant,
transparent polycarbonate cover, (CTI 200-225) and can be lead-sealed.
Included in standard units: Rubber grommet with orifice for cable entry,
pressure connector „Y“, made out of plastic for demineralised water
Options upon request:
n Gold flashed contacts
n Cable gland M 20
for protection IP 65
n Viton diaphragm for aggressive media
n Manual reset

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