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PAB 10

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Telco sensors

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Operation mode and max sensing range:
Thru-beam: 0-70 m
Diffuse proximity: 0-5 m
10 – 30 V dc and 24 V ac supply voltage
Manual sensitivity adjustment
Sensor LED-drive
Automatic sensor test
Adjustable on/off time delay
1 relay or 1 transistor output
Switch selectable light or dark function
Switch selectable long or short range
Test input
Power, output, alarm, signal level and master/slave address indicators
Alarm output
DIN rail mounting with bus function

The PAB 10 is a 1-channel photoelectric amplifier, which is to be used in conjunction with a set of remote transmitter LT and receiver LR from the series 100, 110 and 120.

This amplifier series offers manual sensitivity adjustment via an integral potentiometer located on the front panel of the amplifier. Output can be selected from either a relay or transistor output, with an adjustable 0-10 sec on/off time delay. Light or dark function and long or short range are switch selectable.

The amplifiers from the PAB 10 A series can be connected together with up to 9 amplifiers from the PAB series via a bus rail connector positioned on the DIN rail, to form a modular master/slave system with up to a total of 28 channels. The bus connection enables communication between the amplifiers, which allows the channels of all the amplifiers to be
multiplexed ensuring that optical cross talk between channels is prevented and allows a common output from the amplifier modules. Both the PAB 10 A and PAB 10 S can share power supply via the bus connection.

The amplifier offers a test input, which is used for either disabling or enabling the transmitting power temporarily for test purposes. The amplifier includes an alarm output, which is used to indicate if the signal level is insufficient or if a sensor is faulty. The sensor LED drive powers the optional monitor LEDs available on the remote sensors – output (LT) and power (LR).
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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