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IsoAmp 3000/4000

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The IsoAmp 3000/4000 series DC isolation amplifiers transmit and convert 0(4) ... 20 mA or
0 ... 10 V standard signals with extreme accuracy according to our patent DBP 34 12 843. They provide protective separation and high isolation between the input, output, and power supply. The dynamic range extends into the negative, allowing for strictly linear transmission in the vicinity of zero. This is a big advantage in comparison to typical unipolar amplifiers: the often asymptotic adjusting of the zero point, e.g. during calibration in connection with a sensor, is eliminated. The transmission error is exceptionally low. The main reason for this is a negative feedback circuit which is integrated in the potential isolation. With 1:1 transmission, this doesn't contain any sensing resistor, and only one sensing resistor for current/voltage conversion. Thanks to sophisticated signal feedback, the circuit remains stable even under highly complex loads. The components typically required for modulation amplifiers and resistance networks are unnecessary. This results in correspondingly high reliability. A high and consistent level of quality is ensured by the computer-controlled production monitoring and final inspection system. The fully encapsulated design ensures the highest possible degree of safety and reliability even in extreme conditions.
Important note:
The 3000/4000 Mg and the 3000/4000 Mh series isolation amplifiers and the EK 9 Eurocards are not intended for the end user, but solely for installation in another device within the framework of an industrial production process. They are not a product in the sense of the European EMC regulations. The requirements of the European EMC regulations with regard to the ready-to-use device must be observed by the planner or installer.

The Models
The IsoAmp 3820
transforms the input current 1:1 into an impressed output current without negative feedback resistors by means of negative-feedback current transformation.

The IsoAmp 4820
converts the input current 2:1 into an impressed output voltage with just one precision resistor after current transformation.

The IsoAmp 3310
converts the input voltage 3:1 into an impressed output current with just one precision resistor after voltage transformation.

IsoAmp 4310
transfers the input voltage 1:1 into an impressed output voltage without negative feedback resistors after voltage transformation.

• Protective separation according to EN 61140
• Protection of maintenance staff and subsequent devices against excessively high voltages
• 3-port isolation: protection against incorrect measurements or damage to the equipment
  due to parasitic voltages
• No feedback from the load to the signal source
• Maximum reliability: no maintenance or associated costs
• No distortion of the measurement signal
• Simple live-zero/dead-zero switching: versatile applications
  thanks to optional switching of the input or output
• 5-year warranty

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