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Flow Transmitter/Switch OMNI-FIS

Mã sản phẩm: OMNI-FIS
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● Flow measurement in conductive fluids
● A measurement probe for a wide range of piping diameters
● High quality materials
● No moving parts
● Change the sensor without loss of media
● Analog output 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
● Two programmable switches
● Graphical LCD display, backlit,
can be read in sunlight and in the dark
● Selectable units in the display
● Programmable parameters via rotatable,
removable ring (programming protection)
● Electronics housing with non-scratch, chemically
resistant glass
● Rotatable electronic housing for best reading position
● Designed for industrial use
● Small, compact construction
● Simple installation

The FIS magnetic-inductive flow probes are built into the piping by
means of the supplied welded-on sleeves (DN 50..DN 400) or by
means of the plastic fixing clip (DN 50..DN 150) .
The complete measurement probe is removable without creating an
opening to the medium, and so if a fault occurs, only the electronic
part is replaced.
When an electric conductor moves at right angles to the magnetic
field, the movement induces a voltage U in the conductor. With this
measurement principle, the electrically conductive medium is the
conductor. The magnetic field B is transverse to the direction of
flow. The induced voltage U is directly proportional to the local flow
speed v.
The OMNI transducer located on the sensor has a backlit graphics
LCD display which is very easy to read, both in the dark and in
bright sunlight. The graphics display allows the presentation of
measured values and parameters in a clearly understandable form.
The measured values are displayed to 4 places, together with their
physical unit, which may also be modified by the user. The
electronics have an analog output (4..20 mA or 0..10 V) and two
switching outputs, which can be used as limit switches for
monitoring minimal or maximal, or as two-point controllers. The
switching outputs are designed as push-pull drivers, and can
therefore be used both as PNP and NPN outputs. Exceeding limit
values is signalled by a red LED which is visible over a long
distance, and by a cleartext in the display.
The stainless steel case has a hardened non-scratch mineral glass
pane. It is operated by a programming ring fitted with a magnet, so
there is no need to open the operating controls housing, and its
leakproofness is permanently ensured.
By turning the ring to right or left, it is simple to modify the
parameters (e.g. switching point, hysteresis...). To protect from
unintended programming, it can be removed, turned through 180 °
and replaced, or completely removed, thus acting as a key.

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