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Type TP26

Mã sản phẩm: Type TP26
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process connection with hygiene design, ehedg
exchangeable measuring insert
single or double PT100
optionally with measuring transducer
short addressing times and tapered sensor tip
"FR" hosuing in IP 67
optional as a quicktemp version for measuring points requiring quality assurance measures

The TP16 and TP26 temperature sensors have threaded connections and come in a stainless steel housing with or without a transmitter. These are high-performance devices used in processes that require high hygiene levels (e.g. breweries, dairies, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.)
The PT 100 switch comes with 3 wires in its standard, Class A form according to EN 60751. Accuracy classes B 1/2,
B 1/3, B 1/10 DIN and other switch types (single or double PT 100) are available. The utilisation of the measuring inserts must be adapted to the requirements with regard to temperature, length, vibration resistance and measuring accuracy. Tapered sensor tips for particularly short response times are, for example, obtainable for regulatory processes.
The version with an exchangeable measuring insert allows the measuring point to be accessible all the time without interrupting the process or having to open the device; this offers the advantage of additional safety and saves resources. The process connection is a metal threaded connection in the form of a conical seal, with an EHEDG certificate and the corresponding welding sockets and adaptors.
Programmable 4-20 mA, HART or Profibus PA transmitters can be installed for transmission of the measuring values. The QUICKTEMP series is particularly recommended for measuring points that require calibration.

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