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TP 17

Mã sản phẩm: TP 17
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"FR" housing in IP 67
with single or double PT100
CIP-compatible installation method
optionally available with measuring transducer
flange versions:
milking pipe connection according to DIN 11851
tri-clamp according to ISO 2852

The flange resistance thermometer type TP17 / TP18 in its versions with or without a transmitter is a highperformance, robust and universally useful device for process measuring technology, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc., made entirely of stainless steel and including the most common process connections

The temperature sensor is a PT100 platinum resistance in accuracy class A and in accordance with EN 60751. Accuracy classes B 1/2, 1/3, 1/10 DIN or class B are optionally available. The measuring inserts are single or double PT 100s, which can be exchanged. The utilisation of the measuring inserts must be adapted to the requirements with regard to temperature, length, flexibility, vibration resistance and measuring accuracy. Devices with a tapered sensor tip and particularly short half-life values are, for example, available on request for regulatory processes.

The exchangeable measuring insert ensures that any exchange of the sensors that may become necessary can take place easily and rapidly without having to take the system out of operation or drain any tanks. If the measuring points are sensitive, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industry, corresponding hygienic types and versions are available. Cleaning can be carried out with all the media / fluids (CIP, etc.) common in this industrial sector.

The design of IP 67 offers a reliable guarantee with regard to sealing and long holding times, even under extreme conditions of use. The use of analog or programmable transmitters is optional for longer transmission distances. The QUICKTEMP series is particularly recommended for measuring points that require calibration.

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