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Tilt sensor

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With the digital signals relays are headed, whereby breaking capacity amounts to maximally 60 V (1 A, 30 W/VA). The inclination range of the biaxial N4 amounts to ± 60°. Per inclination axle (x and/or y axis) switching points can be defined, two in the positive and two in the negative range. The linkage of the individual switching points is variable, it can be linked “AND” or “OR”. It is an advantage that for the switching outputs, the deceleration time is adjustable. This function is important to filter out e.g. engine vibrations at vehicles. So there is no influence of the result of measurement. A special highlight of the tilt sensor is its possibility for the remote adjustment. The equipment is delivered with an adjusted zero-situation. This can again be set however by the user with an infrared hand transmitter. That makes this sensor suitable for constructionally unfavorable installation positions. In order to reduce the influence of unevenness of the underground, the inclination sensor is installed on three small-area leverages. There is also a variant, which can be cultivated around 90° vertically rotated. The tilt switch is laid out to the protection class IP67 and ensure for example the employment at vehicles in external areas. Its output signals can be visualized over a 24-LED-instrument

output analogue
angular range ± 5°… ± 60°
operating voltage 10…30 VDC
operating current typ. 32 mA
output signal Uout X = 0,5 V…4,5 V, lout = 4 mA…20 mA
load resistance (RL) Uout = min. 10 kW (Ri = 100 W), lout = UB > 15 V max. 500 W, UB < 15 V max. 200 W
switching voltage –
switching current –
delay time –
switching points –
zero justification max. ± 5°
resolution angular range ≤ 25°: ≤ 0,04°, angular range > 25°: ≤ 0,14°
linearity error typ. ± 1% of the angular range
repeating accuracy angular range ≤ 25°: 0,2°, angular range > 25°: 0,5°
offset temperature drift ± 0,25 % (voltage output 0,5V ... 4,5V) ± 1 % (current output 4mA ... 20mA)
vibration filter critical frequency typ. 40 Hz (changeable on customer request)
signal update rate appr. 100 Hz
startup time ≤ 500 ms
housing material top housing: PBT GF35, housing cover: PC
mounting bush ø 5,3 mm

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