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Transcont CR

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Compact design, only 22,5 mm wide
Clips onto top-hat DIN rail
Plug-in screw terminals or
spring-clamp connectors
Dual-line LC display with additional display elements
Process values always in view
Convenient 3-key operation
Direct communication between mounted transmitters, fieldbus connections via bus coupler
Up to two universal inputs with high signal resolution (>15 bits)
Universal output with high resolution (14 bits) as combined voltage/ current output
One or two relay outputs combined counter or frequency input, frequency output
Quick response; only 100 ms cycle time, i.e. also suitable for fast signals
Customer-specific linearization
Measurement value correction (offset or 2-point)
Min/max indicator (‘slave pointer’)
Logical linking of digital outputs, e.g. for common alarms

Function description

Transcont CR transmitters are designedto give precise and cost-effectivesignal detection and processing tasks. Every CI 45 has at least one universalinput, one universal output and a relay.Optionally, the transmitter can be fittedwith an additional relay, with a seconduniversal input and counter orfrequency input. Optionally, the voltageoutput can also be used as frequencyoutput.
Galvanic isolation is provided betweeninputs and outputs as well as from thesupply voltage and the communicationinterfaces.

MountingThe compact CI 45 is clipped onto atop-hat DIN rail, and can also be unmountedvery simply.
All connections are of the plug-in type,so that a transmitter can be replacedvery quickly without disturbing the wiring.Display and operationThe two-line LC display permits simultaneousindication of the measured valueand all of the unit’s operatingfunctions.Moreover, a LED and 4 other displayelements give a reliable indication ofoperating status, operating mode, anderror messages.The user-configurable engineering unitof the measured value can be includedin the display. By means of the extendedOperating Level, it is possible toshow any signal or parameter in the2nd display line. Interfaces and Engineering ToolsThe transmitter settings are also configurableby means of an EngineeringTool.Via the BlueControl® software, includingthe transmitter simulation andespecially the convenient connectionvia the BluePort® front interface, the Transcont CR Universal transmitter Compact design Display operating functions Communication featuresHigh resolutionFast cycle timesTwo universal inputs&universal output

Two relay outputsCounter/ frequency input, frequency output
Customer-specific linearizationMeasurement value correctionMin/max indicator (‘slave pointer’)rail lineuser can solve the task in hand withouthaving to work through operatinginstructions.Of course, practically all settings canalso be made from the device front.Moreover, the CR can exchangedata with superordinate systems andPCs via an optional RS 485 interfacewith MODBUS RTU protocol that is fittedinto the top-hat DIN rail.

Devices with option system interfacecan be connected via bus coupler tofieldbusses.Password protectionIf required, unauthorized access to thevarious Operating Levels can be preventedwith a password, or an entirelevel can be blocked.

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