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DMP -400

Mã sản phẩm: DMP -400
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LCD display with bargraph and free scaleable digital display
Plain text programming
Language chooseable german or english
0/2/4 free programmable relay outputs with separately adjustable hysteresis  
Analogue output (current output 0...20mA, 4...20mA / voltage output 0...10V)
Programmable tendency indication, switchable to 2 relay outputs
Linearization with up to 25 points possible
Sensor supply 5V DC or 24V DC, current limited
Output turn-down up to 1:30
Minimum and maximum value memory
Tow indicator in the bargraph
Damping programmable up to 30 seconds
Installation on standized rail fastening

At the input of the digital display and evaluation device there can be also connected sensors with a supply voltage of 5V DC and an output signal of 0,5 tu 4,5V DC as well as analogue signals 0...10V, 0...20mA and 4...20mA with a supply voltage of 24V DC.
The measurement signal can be adjusted in a wide range and is converted into a output signal of 0...10V, 0...20mA, 4...20mA, 10...0V, 20...0mA or 20...4mA.
0/2/4 relay switching contacts with a respective separately adjustable hysteresis can be assigned to the input signal.
Due to the implemented signal linearization (max. 25 control values) it is possible to linearize the output signal, e.g. for volume calculation of a conical or cylindrical lying container.
The output signal can be influenced by an integration time of up to 30 seconds, e.g. to suppress signal fluctuations due to mixing machines or at a filling process. 
The display and evaluation device has implemented a tendency evaluation that can be switched on two relays.
The device has also a minimum and maximum value storage that is additionally displayed in the analogue bargraph as tow pointer.
All functions and settings can be set by plain-text programming using the LCD display and the keyboard.

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